Rip 2008, and Jody Samson

As we celebrate or mourn the passing of 2008, apparently we also have seen the loss of a sword legend: Jody Samson has passed on.  Whether you like the Conan style or not, his custom work for films and collectors inspired many, and is the obvious aesthetic grand-daddy of things like the beautiful swords of Albion Armorers and WETA and friends.

For my part, I’m enjoying closing out 2008 in Banff at the Paddy Crean workshop.  Spent a fair bit of time running camera and assisting for the more film-fighting oriented classes, with folks such as Bob Goodwin, Rick Skene, and of course David Boushey, as well as getting to work with a few acting and swordplay classes from folks like Tim Klotz and Scott Witt.  Off to a show in a half hour with Hack & Slash, as John and Spencer are instructors here this year.

All the best to all my friends (MySpace and Other) in the new year!


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