Another Paddy Down

Heading out to Calgary in a couple hours… the Paddy Crean has been, as usual, great.  Enough instructors and students that I didn’t get to be in any classes with probably half of them, especially given the progressive class structure used for some of the courses this year.  Just too much good stuff out there, which I think is one of the intentional and usual take-away lessons of these workshops.

Also great to see the growth and development in folks even just within the last couple years since the last Paddy Crean; including some instructors I’ve had problems with elsewhere and/or in the past, but found great this time around.  There’s an interesting generational shift happening now since I started coming to these back in 1999.  A number of us who were teaching or assisting this time around first attended back then, and several of us now have children who are about the same age as some of the 1999 instructors did then.

I’m sore, tired, and a little bruised from a gratuitous rubber-knife match I was challenged to after the closing show, but also inspired and happy.

Seattle connections have been strengthened as well- there were at least a dozen of us from the area at the workshop, including instructors, stage combatants, and aspiring stuntmen from the USA Stunt School.  Maestro Boushey was also wondering if I’d be available to help out with the stunt school this year, having been helpful running classes and coaching in his workshops here, but I’m not sure if I’ll be around then or not.  Here’s hoping; that’d be a fun opportunity.

So much talent in one place, now hopefully all safely making their way home in dozens of time zones.  Safe travels friends.


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