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First, a quick reminder that Bullets, Blood, & a Fistful of CA$H airs on cable TV this month and next month, as well as being available as a NetFlix On Demand download through your computer or X-Box Live.

In general, Seattle Films seem to be on the up-swing it would seem.  Good to hear.

Had another short shoot with Brady last weekend, for another book trailer.  Went well, I think, and should hit the web shortly.

The Balagan stage combat classes have started getting filled, which is great.  Given the restrictions of the small space and my own desired class size, I think that one will fill up.  Should be sending something out about the three film-fight workshops shortly.  Sounds like there isn’t going to be a Fights of Spring stage combat workshop in Seattle this year, and I’m not aware of any regional workshops elsewhere in the Pacific NW, so this may have been the perfect year to start offering these things.  Molly and others from Macha Monkey (who hosted the previous Fights of Spring workshops) sounded interesting in putting heads together to maybe do something else workshop and practice-wise, so we’ll see.

Could be a busy Spring- need to make sure I keep some free time for the other things going on in my life.  Burnout helps no-one!

Setting up a photo shoot for this weekend (done in exchange for props rental) so I can get more current photos up here- my headshots still show short hair, but it’s back to the length it was four or five years ago almost, and it’d be good to have something that’s both more current and more ‘me’.

Sounds like Geoff’s doing SAFD knife renewals Monday night, if anyone local needs that.


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