Classes, workshops, and gigs, oh my!

Okay, so maybe not as much with the gigs- tried a last minute hustle to see if we could get a stunt burn worked into a project shooting in 3-D with the RED camera system, but it didn’t gel in time… they’re going to do a CG burn instead.  Some day!  There’s the usual pleathora of non-paying opportunities going around at the moment on Performer’s Callboard, Foreground/Background, and Craigslist, but sadly Seattle’s still got far more volunteer opportunities than actual professional work.

Did SAFD knife renewal on Monday with Geoff Alm, via video (probably going to Maestro Boushey).  Nice to see some folks there I hadn’t seen in a while, and meet a few new ones.  I’ll be starting Geoff’s class in SAFD Single Sword in a couple weeks- that’s the last of the eight SAFD weapons I still need to take if I want to try to move on to get my teacher’s certification one of these years.

The Stage Combat Classes @ Balagan Theatre are still borderline on whether or not they’ll go forward- need at least one more person, preferrably at least two more registered to really make it worthwhile.  The Film Fighting and Firearms Workshops are already past the breaking point though, so those are a definite go!  Still room for more, but enough to make it a good class and worth doing.  Wanted to pass on an offer in connection to that- if anyone wants to come to any of the classes (but especially the “Tricks of the Trade” one) with their own camera gear and run camera for the class when needed, I’ll drop their fee to half price.  That Tricks of the Trade class especially could be a good one for DPs, directors, editors, or the all around ‘indie filmmaker’ who usually ends up doing all three of those on many local productions.

I’ll give the same offer to anyone who brings their own digital still camera to any of the classes and wants to take pictures.  I know I’ve done the same for Macha Monkey‘s “Fights of Spring” workshop in the past, as way to see what other folks are doing, and it’s nice to have some pictures to use later.  Always too busy on set or stage gigs to document anything myself.

Should have some new pictures coming soon from a recent shoot I did with Lucien Knuteson as a trade… see his “People 2” subheader for one shot.  It’ll be nice to have more current and representative pictures to use than the short-haired headshots from three years ago.


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