Took a while, but…

This last December/January I finally finished a Caplock pistol kit that I got for myself as a birthday present a couple years back, using a coupon from Midway.  Yesterday being I think the two year anniversary of that purchase, I finally uploaded some pictures.  Haven’t gotten to fire the thing, and who knows if or when I will at this point, but it’s been a fun little project to customize, and if I ever do a pirate show, it’ll be great for firing off a bit of powder & flash.

It definitely has a nice heft to it!  If you’re used to the cast metal replicas from Denix or other such props, this is a bit of a different beast in the hand.  You can see how they’d make effective clubs when reversed- yes, there’s a reason many have nice metal buttcaps on the handle, and I considered that option briefly.  Shame none of the HMCA folks live closer- they’ve all been great fun to play with at Paddy Crean workshops or the Shrewsbury Faire, but both of those were occasions that prohibited bringing any kind of prop firearm.

So, a nice little aesthetic project that also has helped me learn a little more about how black powder weapons work and are assembled.  If it didn’t take two years for me to get the free time to do this kinda thing, maybe I’d do a little more of it!

There’s a new gallery in the MySpace photos now labelled ‘Custom Work’, that includes this and some of my other previous projects, for those who are interested.


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