Another Drive By Update

No time for anything too substantive at the moment, so a quick note and a quick share:

Started a single-sword class with Geof Alm.  This is the last of the 8 SAFD weapons categories for me, and it’ll be nice to have that out of the way… plus it’s just fun to do.  Had to miss class this week though, so probably more on that next week.

Those of you who do either martial training or have to gear up to teach workshops and classes might be interested in these:
Cold Steel has a new line of their synthetic training swords, which includes a few Western waster models based on their Euro blades. That hand and a half could be great for classes- more durable than wood wasters, but not much (if any) more expensive, and with a closer feel too.  Cheaper and probably even more durable than aluminum.  Wonder how they feel in the hand… heck, paint ’em well enough and they’d be perfectly good for equipping extras, too.


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