Catching Up

Stealing a minute to post some leftover updates:

Some of you may have noticed some new photos in my MySpace folder.  They were done by local photographer Lucien Knuteson.  He was a pleasure to work with, and someone I’d love to have more time to chat with some day.

The Film Fighting & Firearms Workshops all have enough people to go forward, but also all still have available spaces.  Reminder that there’s a price break for advance registration, a price break for registering for all three at once, and I’ve also made offers in various places for $5 off for wearing Fight Designer, LLC Merchandise or a bigger discount for anyone wanting to bring and run their own camera during workshops.

If anyone has any feedback or requests on the merchandise, let me know.  That’s all still an experiment…

Working on the Mark II camera rig for my Canon HDV camcorder, finding little bits of free time generally between 11pm and 2am where possible.  Hope to have that ready to use at the workshops.

Other gigs in the works: A small acting gig with some stunt-buddies, a guest lecture at a college in Tacoma (on stage combat), and possibly another firearms workshop tailored to the needs of a video game company’s animators.

Also supposedly in the works: Check the next issue of the SAFD’s Fight Master journal for an article I wrote and submitted last year!


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