ISMAC and Beyond

Some new/further news to share:

*I just found out I was awarded the Brad Waller scholarship to ISMAC. Looking forward to that!

*Sounds like my article on Dynamic Gunplay will be in the Fall/Winter issue of the SAFD’s The Fight Master.

*Got a few more registrations for the film fighting workshops.  Anyone coming from the Tacoma area and wanting to carpool, let me know and I’ll hook you up with someone needing a lift.

*Forgot to mention Geof Alm’s single-sword class last update… needless to say, it’s good fun.  Great class- only one fairly beginner student (or maybe just really rusty, not sure), and lots of people I’ve been wanting to get to know better or work with more.  Great group of people, and a good weekly escape for me.

*…and in a bit of non-personal industry news, it sounds like Robin Hood is getting a re-make.  Poor Robin’s seen his share of both good and bad portrayals, and it’ll be interesting to see how this one pans out.  If nothing else, those of us in this niche can hope it leads to a further resurgence interest (and money) in sword flicks.


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