Trailer’s now out and online for Zombies of Mass Destruction, which I did a little work on… when was that, last Fall? Two Falls ago? Drago makes a nice cameo in the trailer as the man on fire.

First of the Film Fighting workshops is Saturday. I’ve had about half the people who said they’d come drop out now, so we’re back under 10 students, but still enough to go forward. Should make for a good (if not very lucrative) workshop. The Tricks of the Trade one is still the smallest, but Firearms is definitely the most popular. Not too surprising, since nobody else around here has really been offering that.

Got in a sample batch of breakaway bottles for the second workshop, although I haven’t unpacked them or put on the labels yet. Can’t justify too many expendables if the class stays as small as it is, but I want to be able to offer the opportunity to play with stuff like that, and go over their best use. It’s production value, in part- same as you try to build on a budget when you’re making an indie film instead of an indie film workshop. May end up becoming a local supplier of the breakaways too, if there’s demand.

Also recently added some pictures I got from the teaching gig last month at Pierce College. Set up a new folder, which will hopefully have some from the upcoming workshops as well if I can get anyone to take pictures.


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