Workshop updates

Apologies for the relative silence on my end lately- things have been busy, and will likely continue to be for a while.

Since the last post, I’ve had two workshops, Intro to Film Fighting and Tricks of the Trade. Both ended up being smaller than I’d hoped, with a combination of people dropping out for perfectly reasonable reasons (lost jobs, couldn’t get time off work, etc), just flaking out or forgetting to say anything, etc. Still, I think they were productive and helpful to all who attended. This weekend there’s nothing going on, but then on the 18th is the Firearms workshop, which has generated the most interest and (at least theoretical) participants.

Lesson learned- require a deposit next time, and don’t count your chickens until they’ve paid, signed their liability waivers, and started warming up.

As a part of prep for the last one, I’ve got a temporary account set up with SmashProps, in case anyone local needs any breakaways. If there’s enough regular business, I could take the ‘temporary’ off that descriptor, but they do have a monthly minimum I’d have to start meeting soon. Anyone want to break stuff… safely?


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