Lessons Learned

The three-part round of workshops has now wrapped up.  Saturday’s firearms workshop was I hope useful for all who came (we had a good class size of about 10), but I was overambitious in my planning, so we didn’t get to all I’d come prepared to teach, by far.  Will have to gauge interest, but blood effects and long arms could easily become their own workshops at some later date.  Ironically, this was also the only time I’ve had a large number of blank guns firing without a single semi-auto jamming- there’s almost always a stovepipe in there somewhere, but not this time, in a learning environment, where I’d kinda hoped we would.  Already going over what I’d do differently next time, how to make it better, as this is something I’d very much like to do more of.

Someone was asking the other day what ever happened to the stunt double who was injured working on the new Harry Potter movie: Sadly, it sounds like he may never walk again.  Being without our own stunt-based news industry for the most part, the news comes through tabloids or morbid bloggers- The Telegraph even used it as the pretense for a shopping list of unrelated stunt injuries.  If it bleeds it leads- so I suppose it’s good that stuntmen don’t generally get much press.

Here’s to not getting that particular kind of press for any of my workshops or gigs thus far!


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