Making dubh

Caught a fight skit with some friends this weekend, as a part of Balagan Theatre‘s monthly Schmorgasborg series.  These are folks from the recently formed “Performer’s Forge” group- I think they’re tyring to be under the umbrella of Shunpike.  I believe it’s Molly, Casey, Ryan, Orion, John Lynch, and Stacey.  It’ll be inteteresting to follow that and see where they take it.  While there, it was fun to see plenty of other folks I knew through previous Balagan shows I’d choreographed, or gigs elsewhere (Langston Hughes and Theater Schmeater).  Nice to feel plugged in still, despite not working any choreo gigs this last month or so.

Singlesword class was a bit sparce this week- probably some out sick, as I was last week, plus two sidelined (one with Gout, another with a sprained ankle).  Never good to get those reminders of what it’s like to be in a physical profession and get injured or sick; not all of us have day jobs, and those that do, they’re often insufficient.  Got to try out my new singlesword though- guard’s a vintage sword part off ebay UK, blade’s a Triplette double-wide epee, and the rest I made from stuff on hand.

Actually took the double-wide off a rapier, prior to renting it out for a production of Man of La Mancha… put a standard theatrical epee (from AmFence) on that one, since it also better matches the corkscrewed version I made for the show, and I prefer the heavier blades on the singlesword.

Working on a sgian dubh for a friend for his wedding now.  Should be a fun little knife when it’s done, but it’s also probably the smallest I’ve ever made.  Nothing to post on that yet, but the bad pun still made it title-worthy.

Contemplating moving this blog to WordPress or elsewhere.  Anybody have strong feelings one way or the other?


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