Full day yesterday.

Started out with a wushu Broadsword workshop at the Seattle Wushu Center.  Lots of worlds intersecting there, as I study with Sifu Rusty, who I knew online for years through Sword Forum, and these last few years also as training buddy of a stunt coordinator friend of mine.  Turns out their master is Sifu Hong, who I took a tai chi class with back in 2004 or thereabouts.  Was pleased to see at the workshop not only my friend Angie, who was one of a small handful of people I knew when we moved to Seattle in 2000, having met them all at a Paddy Crean workshop before that, and who I’ve done stunt gigs with since, but also Cecil and Stephanie from the Academia della Spada, with whom I’ve briefly studied some historical Western martial arts, and who were at the most recent Paddy Crean where I was staff.  They’ll be at ISMAC with me as well.

Then rushing off to a friend’s baby shower, where I spend most of the time chasing around with the various kids in the yard with Nerf guns (my daughter now wants some), but also was suprised to bump in to the lovelyChristine, who I know from Radio Tribe Productions but wasn’t aware shared those social circles.  Got a bit of an update on what they’re doing with ManCrush and other projects, which was nice.

Then from there it was off to my SAFD singlesword class, where my poor fried brain had to abandon some of the dao form it was learning in the morning in order to try to remember and pick up singlesword choreography.  John Moore is in that class, and was bemoaning missing the morning’s workshop- John’s another one who I appreciate for crossing boundaries, as both one of the Seattle Knights as well as doing SAFD and other styles of stage combat- plus a friend of Rusty and Angie, and being a union stagehand.  Also in that class is someone who I’ll be filming with next week after class, who rented some props from me after taking my firearms workshop last month, and watching was the wife of another student there, who just rented some props last week to use in a court case.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love the little communities we have going here in Seattle?

Hoping Angie can perhaps help me remember the bits of the solo form I’m forgetting…

I think more days like yesterday would help me get in shape for ISMAC, but there’s so much else to be done.

Amongst those, hoping to pull off my own little short film shoot.  First priority right now is to nail down a location I can use in the next month or so, which could work for staging a presumed raid on a meth lab (which turns out to be something else).  Anybody have an extra warehouse or run-down large basement in their back pocket they could lend me?


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