Things coming together.

Things coming together

I feel like it’s been a very productive week thus far.

The cards are all coming in for the episode of The Hunted I’m planning to enter in the upcoming contest.  Hopefully what’s being built isn’t just a house of cards; I’ve now got people volunteering in a number of key positions, ordered some key supplies, gotten the script mostly done, and most importantly, what sounds like a perfect location… but nothing’s guaranteed, and most of this is still just an email or two, so the challenge is turning that into concrete reality.  Still, it’s exciting to think this might come together.  Might have to come up with a name for this episode… although I think my wife might object if I come up with a name for this baby of mine before we’ve come up with names for both our twins (due in the Fall).

Also making good progress on a hilt for the Hanwei Tinker-line longsword blade I bought off Tinker a while back.  Hoping to have that done for ISMAC, Memorial Day weekend.  Rough shaping is now done, except that I think mine is currently a little longer than Tinker’s, which is making the harmonics a little different.  One of the things that ..Tinker’s known for is placing the nodes of vibration perfectly so there’s no jarring hand vibration when the blade is struck.  I’ve still got a little wobble transferring into the grip, so there’s some adjustment to be done there.  Still, it already feels nicer in the hand than almost any of my other swords…

Shooting Sunday night after Singlesword class for The Ascended, a web series pilot some stunt-buddies are doing.  What goes around comes around; I think some of them will be helping me out in turn.

Exciting, exciting stuff.  Anyone local wants to get involved, drop me a line.  Can’t promise everyone roles, but it’s all a bit nebulous right now, depending largely on the scale of the location.


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