To quote a thousand cliche movie lines, “I’m getting too old for this shit!”.
Still, knock on wood, getting away with it though.

Went straight from single-sword class last night to a set for The Ascended, a web series pilot/pitch some friends are putting together, and spent the night pretending to foil a robbery.  Got out about 1:30am.  Okay, so I wasn’t actually asleep much later than I usually am, but given the typically small margin of safety left in my sleep schedule, I’m paying for it at work today.

On the plus side, I’ve landed a very exciting casting addition: one of my leads is going to be SAFD Fight Master (and teacher of mine off and on since 2001, when I moved to Seattle) Geoffrey Alm.  This is going to be fun… but the more I have riding on it the more I’m getting nervous about what might fall through (mostly the location or people’s scheduels).  Might be shooting our first bit on Saturday, a non-stunt piece that won’t take any rehearsal.

I did also get to meet one of my volunteers to be gaffer last night, and see him and his gear in action.

Very gratifying to see how many people in town- even people I’ve never met in person- know my name and are interested in working with me, even for free.  Almost makes me wish I’d done more smaller scale projects on my own first, so I could feel more comfortable in the writing/directing role, but I think we’ve got a great team together and are ready to start kicking butt.

Well, as soon as we can get the location scheduled and scouted.  And finish a few more costume and prop things.  And solidify who’s cast as what, once we know schedule for sure.  And a million other things, I’m sure.


Oooh- just got the call on the location.  LOOKING GOOD!  -but gotta run.


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