Aussie Armorers, AoC, Etc.

First, just to share, an article on being a movie armorer in Australia.  I imagine similar challenges exist in the UK these days, from listening to people on the modelgun and blank firing forums talk about the new laws.

Scrabbling to get everything together as best I can for my own short video, which for now I’ll just refer to as FmF.  Scouting the raid location tonight, filming the pre-raid briefing tomorrow evening.  There’s a number of people who have expressed willingness or eaven been eager to work with me on a project like this, but who were unable to make the schedule work, sadly.  Maybe there will be a ‘next time’, but in the meantime I think I’ve got enough talented folks to still pull this off well.

Made a detour on the way to work today to borrow some POLICE T-shirts from Jay at Renegade Productions, which we used when staging a similar raid for his movie Clutch, currently in post-production.  Might get him on set too.

Also have ISMAC coming up very shortly.  My how time flies.  The sword I was working on for there isn’t finished cosmetically, but it’s functional, and I’ll probably be bringing it as is.

Art of Combat also recently announced their own little version of the SAFD nationals.  Interesting… wonder how much they’ll be able to expand, since historically they’ve been limited by requirements of working regularly with existing instructors, who are few and far between.  That’s kept them from achieveing the same recognition that larger groups (like the SAFD) might have.  I do like the way AoC incorporates legitimate martial study, continuing training requirements, and some of their other elements, though.  I can’t make it to the workshop, but for those who are interested, I’d vouch for the quality of instruction.

Here’s their notice:


Over the last few years many people have inquired about joining the Art of Combat or studying historical combat for stage and screen.  Therefore, we have created a one week intensive in the skills needed to create extraordinary fights for stage and screen.  It will be held in New York City August 9th – 15th, 2009 and classes (taught by Jared Kirby and John Lennox) will include stage combat, historical fencing, acting the fight, finding your angles and much more. The workshop will culminate in a show to be performed in New York City.

More basic information is below and the website will be up soon with a sample schedule and more details.

This workshop is an immersion into the AoC company which has been actively transferring historical combat styles to stage and film for over a decade. Members are trained in historical as well as standard combat styles for stage and screen. Our training and expertise has enhanced theatre, film and TV with authentic and realistic combat sequences all around the world.

We need to get an idea of how many people plan to attend in order to secure the proper sized venue so please email me in the next few weeks if you would like to participate or if you have any questions.

Take care,
Jared Kirby

Art of Combat Fight Directing Workshop

The week is structured so that you will get the most out of it.  You can register at one of three levels, based on your skill level and what you want to learn: “Combatant”, “On Track” or “Fight Director”.

For participants with no previous experience or those with experience who want an introduction to the Art of Combat organization you can register at the “Combatant” level.  You will learn the basic elements of AoC combat for stage and screen.  You will take classes in a variety of subjects and rehearse in scenes choreographed by the Fight Directors.  There will also be rehearsal every day for a show you will perform in, in New York City that Fri/Sat night.

For those already at the Combatant level and who are starting to work towards becoming a Fight Director you can register at the “On Track” level.  There will be opportunities for you to work as an Authorized Combat Instructor, Fight Captain and/or Asst. Fight Director depending on what you need.  Your skills will be honed by working the scenes, culminating in the show to be performed in New York City.

Finally, if you have completed all your requirements and are ready to test for Fight Director you can register at the “Fight Director” level.  This will prepare you for your exams as well as provide an environment to start your testing process.  There will also be the opportunity for probationary FD’s to choreograph the Fri/Sat night show to fulfill one gig requirement (while getting a NYC credit).

This workshop is perfect for Stage and Screen actors as well as Opera Singers and Dance performers.  Daily subject matter will draw from classical and contemporary material to study dramatic and comedic situations.


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