Busy Days (and nights)

This month and next are going to be even more packed than usual.

We had our first shoot for the eposide of the Hunted that we’re making to submit to their contest.  I’ll be referring to it as FmF primarily online.  No fight stuff yet, but a good chance to get most of the crew and at least half the cast in one place at one time, try out some of the costumes, etc.  Our DP backed out last minute (the night before) due to paying gigs (can’t really blame him), so I shot it myself.  May still be getting a professional DP for the two big stunt shoots, but that’s still to be determined.  I’ve got some pictures up, and have started a Facebook group for the project if anyone reading this is wanting to follow progress there.  At some point (after this is off my plate) I’ll probably make a project page on my website, so I can fully credit everyone who’s working on this; the series doesn’t include credits in the videos, but I’ll make sure everyone’s recognized for their work.

Two weeks to get everything ready for the stunt shoots, which includes solidifying a couple roles, setting the schedule, assembling/finishing some props and costumes and effects and set dressing, planning out some of the shots better, starting some choreography to build on later on set, rehearsing some fights ideally…

Three props clients coming tonight; it’s been busy.

Thursday I head up to Detroit for ISMAC.  That will be fun.  A few of the folks from FmF will be there, people I met in Banff at the Paddy Crean and have tried to keep working with since- including the photographer for those FmF shots, Shirley Chung.

We’ve also got our test coming up in mid-June for the SAFD SingleSword class.  That’s going to be a bit of a crunch as well, with no class next week, partners assigned last week, my partner out this week, and we still haven’t learned the whole fight or chosen a scene.

Add to that things like my wife’s birthday and pregnancy, parenting/childbirth/multiples classes, and the regular work, and I just might be kept out of trouble* for a while.  Wish me loads of luck, and even more loads of coffee.

*and by “trouble”, I mean sleep.


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