These days it seems every stunt coordinator, filmmaker, director, or other industry person you need to interact with has an iPhone.    Just because I don’t count myself amongst their numbers, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good widget like this:

You can get a little bit of the backstory here. Apparently it’s a local company, given the content of the demo.  Hadn’t heard of them before, despite researching 35mm DoF adapters a while back, and that being their main claim to fame.  Probably just because their price tag put them off my radar anyway.  Still, nice stuff.

I’ve worked with a few directors who had storyboards, and many who did not.  As a choreographer, I tend to prefer having a bit more artistic freedom than just to re-create someone else’s drawings, but as a starting point they’re definitely helpful.  I’ve yet to have anyone ask me to bring storyboards of my ideas for their project, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someday it happened.


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