So I’ve been a bit preoccupied this last month plus, so while my own life has been anything but quiet, I’ve fallen far behind on blogging and other social networking.

Along the stage combat, stunt, and props fronts things have continued developing with only slight pause. I was able to finish up my SAFD renewals with Geof Alm just before the twins came, excepting Smallsword, which there just haven’t been enough other people to bring about a renewal for yet.

Did fights for No Exit with the Wrecking Crew.

I’ve had a number of meetings about working on films- an interview for a gun-wrangling gig on a film that wants me, but called the next week to say they’re postponing production from this month until at least next Spring. That means it may or may not happen while I’m still in town, but we’ll see. I’ve been in contact about a web series that may or may not come together. I’ve had an interview for fight choreography and stunt work for a web pitch piece that may or may not come together later this month (I’ve come to think of pretty much any gig that way until I’m on set).

I’ve gotten a teaching gig with a Ballet conservatory later this month, continued some discussions about workshops, made a custom prop (Luger-shaped metal housing for a .22 starter pistol for a production of The Producers), had a number of rentals, and sadly had to miss a few stunt practices and a burn gig.

I’m also in the midst of a slight re-tooling of my camcorder setup, so hope to get to play with that some.

In my copious free time, as my wife likes to say.

Something tells me it might be a while again until my next blog update…


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