Onward and Upward

Passing on the good news and updates:

Bullets, Blood & a Fistful of CA$H has gotten distribution in more countries, including (finally) the US. Will come out on DVD as CA$H, in the somewhat censored version as screened on STARZ. Comes out in Japan as Bullets Break

Zombies of Mass Destruction will also have distribution, both theatrical and DVD. Was only on set a few days with that one, plus some involvement in pre-production. Still haven’t gotten to see the darn thing- looking forward to it.

Had a morning last weekend teaching stage combat at a ballet conservatory, a first for me. Fun little gig, and different than my usual demographic.

First rehearsal tonight on a short fight for a short web video piece.

Now if only we can all stave off the H1N1 plague in my family, things will keep progressing!


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