Seattle’s own historical Western martial arts workshop has added a theatrical track this year:

4W Workshop page

    The Martial Art of Stage Combat
    Brad Waller
    Jared Kirby

    This class is an intensive immersion into staging historical combat for the stage and screen. You will learn how a foundation in martial intent helps to create extraordinary fights. Whether your background is in Western Martial Arts, Stage Combat, Stunt Work or Dance you will benefit from exploring how to transfer historical combat styles into safe and exciting performances on stage or screen.

    Each day will focus on a different weapon, beginning with Unarmed/Dagger Combat before moving into the Longsword and finishing with the Rapier. As we progress you will find the fundamental principles of safety distance, cooperative energy, planar geometry and the process of developing physical actions are applicable to a variety of weapons. After learning how to work together to create a safe fight, participants will choreograph short fight scenes. We will then dissect each scene in order to apply a strong martial foundation to the actions and see how this makes the fight extraordinary. Suggested equipment: Longswords, Rapiers, Dagger, a fencing mask, jacket, glove and chest (for women) or groin (for men) protectors will be helpful but are not necessary.

    * Longsword
    * Rapier
    * Dagger
    * Fencing jacket or doublet
    * Fencing mask
    * Leather gloves
    * Groin/Breast protection (men/women) (recommended)

I cannot recommend Brad and Jared highly enough, from my experiences with them at Paddy Crean workshops, at ISMAC, and having taken my first stage combat classes with Brad back in 1998.

Life permitting, I’ll be assisting with videotaping in exchange for a discount on my own participation.


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