First, just as a PSA to the fellow sword geeks reading this who missed my Facebook share: CS Horseman's Basket Hilt

Cold Steel has a crazy good price on their schiavonna type sword.

I’ve wanted a Shiavona for ages, and while there are some things I’d do differently if I were designing one just for me (backsword rather than broad, thumb ring, a bit more shaping to the basket and a more typical Schiavona pommel, like this), it’s a damn fine sword. Love the rayskin grip, and I know folks who’ve used these for WMA bouting for years and they’ve held up fine (Including I think the gent in the picture at the top of the article on last year’s 4W workshop).

Still, money’s tight and we’re having to move soon, so I’m being good and not taking advantage of this- just pushing it on all my friends so I maybe get to play with one.

Speaking of 4W– who all’s going? If anyone finds themselves in need of equipment for some of the workshops- some of which call for things many stage folks won’t have, like wasters, or bayonet trainers- let me know. Besides being set up for rentals, I need to sell some gear as well.

In other toy news, I’ve got some pictures up of my new camera rig, and some short demo footage just testing the use of the follow focus while using the camera with a shoulder mount.

Hoping to get to play with it a bit more at this weekend’s stunt practice session, if I can make it. It’s the old HV20, but now mounted upside down with a Jag35Pro adapter and Cannon 50mm lens, a homemade rig and follow-focus, a cheapie external monitor (since the image gets flipped), and a Beachtek-ripoff XLR adapter running to two Audio-Technica mics (not used in the demo video.


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