Robin Hood and his Merry Mates/Blokes?

I think I posted a link to some behind-the-scenes YouTube footage before, but the trailer’s now up for the next Robin Hood.

Now I’ve always been a bit of a sucker for Robin Hood, having grown up oft pretending I was him- but generally the Errol Flynn Adventures of Robin Hood one.  Definitely not Kevin Costner, or the recent BBC series remake.  It’ll be interesting to see what they do with it here, but at the very least it’s work for sword and stunt folks.

Which is at least a bit of a segue… with Sherlock Holmes coming out shortly, and the prevalence of Steampunk in the area, you may be interested to hear that Tony Wolf will be doing a Pacific NW tour this March.  Seattle is on the list, and while exact offerings remain to be planned, there will be at least a couple different Bartitsu offerings. of course has links and articles about Sherlock now, but for those of you who don’t know Tony, he’s also been busy of late, publishing another several books through Lulu this last year.   I already have both Bartitsu compendium, having been intrigued by Tony’s offerings at the Paddy Crean workshops in the past, but the new book on stage combat history is definitely on my wish list.  I’ll keep folks posted here and elsewhere as I find out more, but there may well be specifically stage combat offerings as well.  There’s a bit of his martial-arts slanted biography on the ISMAC site, but he’s also been doing stage combat, stunt work, combat design, pro wrestling, and other related disciplines for a long time now, and has quite the stories to tell.

Granted, this will be just a few weeks after 4W, so the choices could be hard for some of us!

Interesting side note I just discovered in posting this- Hulu’s working with IMDB now?  For better or worse, you can watch The Son of Robin Hood in its entirety through the IMDB link, embedded in the page.


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    I should have added: unfortunately, Tony did not get to work on Sherlock Homes: He was in the midst of renewing his Green Card (he’s married an American and now lives in Chicago) and was not allowed to leave the US for a time.

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