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Just got back from a preview screening of the new Sherlock Holmes. Should have been back earlier, but they were splicing together the film upstairs and then apparently got stuck in the elevator on their way down to the projection room. They still use film these days- who knew?

Since I know it’s what my audience is wondering about, no, it isn’t really showing Bartitsu. There’s an arm bar, a couple tricks shown in the Bartitsu cannon (such as throwing your hat or jacket first), but Holmes’ signature style is in-close, lots of slappy stuff; in keeping with what I’d read about a Wing Chun practitioner helping stage the fights, but not very Bartitsu. The pugilism shown is generally too in-close, arms in more modern boxing style rather than the extended, head-back position of bare-knuckle boxers of the day, and the kicks aren’t very Savate. The cane fighting is mostly more like Eastern baton than Vigney stickfighting, and even the use of swords seems overly slash-based for the time.

That said, it was a good fun movie, and only a very small percentage of us will notice, let alone care, about such levels of martial accuracy. Jude Law I thought made an excellent Watson, especially.

This is a busy season for big movies to try to catch; Haven’t seen Avatar, and will likely be catching the Princess and the Frog with the family over the holiday break. Still, between this and the Iron Man franchise, Robert Downey Jr. is certainly establishing himself in the action genre.


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