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First, as promised, a few thoughts on 1612

It was nice to see a high-production-value portrayal of this particular era and place; that time when musket and cannon were just another piece of the arsenal alongside swords, lances, and bows. Three Musketeers is pretty much all we’re used to, and that tends to be more of a swashbuckly romp than a battle epic. 1612 had some great battle scenes; plus, I’m a sucker for the sight of Winged Hussars.
Winged Hussars

That all said, as a fight geek there were a few things that seemed just lazy of them; Their “Spaniard” rapier expert, who becomes a sort of Obi-Wan figure for the hero, supposedly teaches him destreza. Yet the manual found in his saddlebag was Italian, and the “Spanish Circle” was made up. Why is it so hard or wrong to just use the real Spanish Circle? Zorro bastardized it as well. Why is it any harder to mock up a prop copy of Thibault than of Capo Ferro? Add in some strange mystical interludes with a Unicorn, and you get a film I personally would have edited down a little different… but it’s a great rental (and is available through the Seattle Public Library as well!).

In more personal movie news, one of the local features I worked briefly on is available now for pre-order at Amazon: Zombies of Mass Destruction. Never got to see the cast & crew screenings of this, although it’s also getting a theatrical release and will be at Southcenter mall later this month. Still haven’t gotten a copy of CA$H either, but that at least I’ve seen in various edits before.

Got to read the script for the first two seasons of JourneyQuest, which I’ll be briefly appearing in. Great writing from Matt Vancil, and I’m excited about a stunt possibility there; I won’t be in the Seattle Area long enough to do anything too major with the series unfortunately, but the plus side is I get to play for a while and hopefully die an impressive death on screen- above and beyond my more usual “Thug number 4” cameos.

Lots coming up- filming for that in March, 4W in February, teaching some private lessons in a week or so, Tony Wolf coming here in March, the ongoing sale of excess stuff… finally got my Fight Designer LLC state and local taxes done last night, except for mailing off the check.

Busy busy!


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