4W Bonus Prize

Well, this should make 4W that much more interesting!


To all and singular,

On this, the 23rd day of January, 2010, I give challenge to my friend, colleague, and brother in arms, Maestro Sean Hayes, headmaster of the Northwest Fencing Academy, to face me in honourable and friendly combat with the longsword, and with the sword and buckler, in homage to the ancients arts we both study and teach, and in the hope of our own betterment through the exercise of arms.

If my request is requited, the aforesaid matches will be fought during our attendance at the impending Western Washington Western Martial Arts Workshop in Seattle, to be held in mid-February, provided our kind hosts will provide a field for us.

I propose these combats be fought in five passes for each weapon, and that they be fought as if we were engaging with sharp swords in hand.

I await your answer, kind sir, and any further terms or amendments to my own that might offer.

Yours honourably,

Christian Henry Tobler
Principal Instructor, The Selohaar Fechtschule

To all, and specifically Mr. Christian Henry Tobler,

I accept this challenge! I feel honored to be asked and will work to acquit myself well on the field.

I ask that we add five passes at spear, as I want to test myself against your greater experience in that weapon.

As is customary with martial challenges, the five passes at the three weapons (should you accept the addition of spear) should be filmed and made public as record of the event.

As the challenger, will you contact our hosts in Seattle and arrange the field? I would prefer it be earlier in the long weekend, rather than later, so that we are both fresh for the combat.

With respect and honor,

Sean Hayes

Those two names should be familiar to just about anyone who’s been studying medieval European martial arts.

Chances are good I’ll be one of the people videotaping this, I’d bet.


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