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A montage has gone up from the last ISMAC workshop:

I was one of two videographers on this, in what seems to be becoming a niche trade for me of videography services for workshop attendance.  ISMAC it was actually a scholarship that helped get me there, but but they asked for video as well.  Not a bad niche to have, although I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m trying to break in to many of the same workshops (well, at least the stage ones) as instructor in five to ten years, and they still think of me as “the video guy”.  It’s  a double-edged spadrone.

Teaching some private lessons this weekend, which I’m looking forward to.  Both of the students for that have also now signed up for 4W, which will be fun.  Sounds like I’ll get to play at least some on both sides of the camera in the theatrical track.

Continuing to downsize on props as well as household stuff… the place to check is the virtual garage sale. I do periodically add things as well as remove those sold, so it doesn’t hurt to check even if you’ve looked before.


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