4W Wrapped

Don’t really have time or mental energy to do it justice right now, but I definitely enjoyed 4W.  Pictures and video footage will be released in time from a variety of sources, including some from me, but I imagine we all have some work to catch up on, unpacking to do, etc. before the editing and posting can happen.

It was great to finally meet and work with Tom Leoni, who I’ve known online for decades.  Ended up taking several classes from him.  He’s based in VA too, so maybe I’ll see more of him next year.  Great to see him bringing some of the Marozzo, Fabris, and others to life.  Got my first chance working with Jared Kirby in a theatrical context, which was great, and my first class with Steaphen Fick as well.  Add in some free-fencing and socialization and a damn good workout, and it makes for a fine weekend.

This community really feels like my other family by now.  Many of these folks I’ve known for more than a decade.  I thought about bringing in books to be autographed, since I probably have (now in boxes) books by at least half a dozen from that workshop alone, but it feels a bit odd asking; would you ask your own uncle for his autograph?  Even folks like Bob Charron, who I just met at ISMAC last year, and who I didn’t even have any classes with this time around (although he observed our theatrical track for most of the weekend) I already feel I could rank amongst my better friends.  It’s sad that I don’t see more of the Academia folks; even though they’re local, I pretty much only see them at special workshops when I have the excuse to take the time.  They were all very welcoming and encouraging though, and really made me feel right at home.

So now it’s time to transition back to the more mundane reality of day jobs, bills, housework, etc.  Never a pleasant transition… but it’s nice to know those folks are all still out there, scattered around the country (and the world), and that I’d have a couch I could crash on and a drink I could tell stories over with almost any of them should the opportunity arise.

…and assuming I can ever achieve any form of stability of household again, the same will of course go for all of them.


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