A quick share from 4W: The passage of arms between Christian Tobler and Sean Hayes:

I don’t have express permission to post the video of the other instructor demos, but as a general note, I will say that I very much appreciated their good, clean fencing (more so in the other demos, when there was less of a competitive spirit present, no matter how good natured this one was).  Their matches were not about scoring at all costs, they were about fencing well.  Honestly not sure if that would serve them better or worse in a life-and-death match, and it’s not what I think we should automatically strive for in theatrical portrayals of mortal combat… but it sure is nice and refreshing to see.   They weren’t gaming the system to try to score points, they weren’t forgetting their form in a desperate panic to avoid getting hurt, and they weren’t just diving in to try to substitute aggression for form.  They were fencing, be it with Spanish saber, sword & buckler, longsword, spear, navaja, unarmed, etc.

I personally hadn’t fenced or sparred in… probably over a year at least.  Did a little one night; a bit of foil, a bit of rapier & dagger, and a little single rapier.  Did better that I’d expected I would in a crowd primarily focused on fencing and sparring, but I know I have worlds to learn in that area, and that what I learn there can help inform my stage choices as well.

Here’s hoping a time comes in my life when I get to do more of that…


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