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Shooting has (re)started on JourneyQuest, and it sounds like things are going well.  It was all in question for a while there after John died the first day of shooting, but I know he wouldn’t want to be the cause of it being dropped.  His memorial was nice- sad that I couldn’t hear most of the actual funeral, due to airplane noise and lack of a PA system (hey filmmakers- in death, as in life, having good audio is important!), but good, the reception was nice, and I hear he had a proper wake from the Seattle Knights.

I’ll be on set next week for JourneyQuest, which means I need to learn my Orcish lines (first time having to learn lines phonetically outside of choir or the Mikado‘s fake Japanese)

I’ve gotten to see footage now from two of last year’s projects- both pitches for web series work, like JourneyQuest (I sense a trend- web series is the new Short Film).  One is the rough edit which I won’t share publicly until he’s had a chance to tighten it up a bit… although watching it with a critical eye was a good exercise in getting to see why and how things work or don’t work in fight editing.  That’s the one that was shot all on greenscreen, so it’s also interesting to see how that turned out.

The other is a trailer for a proposed web series put together by a bunch of recent young graduates of the USA Stunt School,  several of whom were at the last Paddy Crean workshop as well.

What makes this one stand out really is:

  • I wasn’t in charge of anything behind the scenes.
  • I play a good guy

and even more unusual,

  • I don’t die.

A more typical Kevin screen appearance goes like this:

  1. Good guy charges in to a room full of bad guys, including me.
  2. Good guy kills me.
  3. Good guy goes on to do other things while I supervise from off camera.

…and yes, that comes pretty close to covering the other one I just mentioned… plus JourneyQuest, CA$H , ManCrush, Got Milk?, Graceling, the Shadow Diaries, Big Bad Heist, Knuth, and at least a dozen scenes in Dorkness Rising.


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