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This post’s for all those who like to look at pictures and click on links instead of reading lots of text.

Today’s the official DVD release of Zombies of Mass Destruction, a feature I did a little gun wrangling and pre-production planning and props rentals for.  Still haven’t gotten to see it myself (it’s had several theatrical screenings locally, but I’ve been busy), so I’m looking forward to catching it on disk.  Also available through NetFlix, etc.

Don’t think I posted this here yet, but there was a brief writeup of the Bartitsu seminar here. has similar writeups of the other recent stops on Tony’s tour, as well as other goings-on.  The pictures in the Seattle writeup must be screengrabs from the video that Kat was taking, some of which may make its way in to the upcoming Bartitsu documentary.  Tony also did a stage combat workshop on the Wolf Method while he was here, and I took photos of that as a way to observe on a budget.  Just handed off the CD to the workshop coordinator last night, but she’ll have to get Tony’s approval before any of them go public.

Finally, AbsolutelyPerilous continues to release pictures from 4W, as they get edited and approved by the workshop coordinators.  Day 2’s up now.  There’s a few preview shots up on Facebook in non-taggable format, which is how I’m able to show a picture here… but in general to use them you need to purchase them from the photographer on her site,  She’s the one who took the great shots of Fuzz Meets Fangs production free of charge, helped me get an afternoon guest-teaching gig once at Pierce College, and took pictures of the last ISMAC and Paddy Crean workshops as well.  It’d be great if she can start turning a profit from doing this, and while I don’t have much I can personally put towards that effort financially (else I’d be showing more and different pictures here), I can at least offer a little promotional support here!

Filming this Sunday for JourneyQuest.  Looking forward to it, if still a little bummed we weren’t able to make the stunt burn happen (due to financial concerns).   Sounds like they’re doing a bang-up job of pulling the shoot together now, after an extremely rough start (John’s death was on what was supposed to be their first day of filming, and that obviously complicated matters).  My shoot’s on their last day of photography for this season, I think.  Been a while since Shawn Shelton got to paint me green and add prosthetics to me. Good times, good times.

I think we could all use more of those.


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