Happy Easter

Silence the Monk prepares to open a can of whup-ass on some zombies

As a continuation of a long-standing tradition with some friends of ours, we gathered yesterday to watch zombie movies.  As some of us now have kids, we kicked off the evening with the relatively family-friendly Dorkness Rising, which included my whole family at the time as zombies (It’s brief, but yes, my daughter was a 3 month old baby zombie.  She’s now five.).

Rehearsing the death of the preacher for ZMD; Yes, I had short hair

Once the younger ones were out of the picture we watched Zombies of Mass Destruction. Hadn’t gotten to see this yet, and was glad to be able to.  I was only on set a couple days myself, but it’s nice to be able to see the finished project.  Looks good, and Tom did a great job with the effects.  Not otherwise related, but this is a small enough community that there were a couple people I know who worked on both films, besides myself.  Pete’s stunt burn was only seen briefly, but looked great.

Had to run to the grocery store across the way between movies, and saw CA$H on the screen of the $1 movie rental machine up front.

Nice to feel like some of my work is out there, even if it isn’t yet a very profitable or mainstream niche.

Caught up a bit on my library DVD cue this last week too, while working on stuff at home.  Finally caught The Hurt Locker (a good flick, but at this point built up enough it’d be hard to live up to my expectations of it), Ip Man (well done by Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung), and the Punisher: War Zone which I liked better than I’d expected to (definitely better than the first one, or the old Dolph Lundgreen portrayal).  Good to see some of the training extras on the DVD too, of course, and apparently the director started as a martial artists and stuntwoman?  Keep an eye on that one…

One nice thing (which you expect but rarely get from gun-heavy movies): reloads, both of the conventional type and the old New York Reload.  Most action movies treat reloading like taking a dump; we assume people have to do it on occasion, but don’t feel the need to show it happening.  For me though, that’s one of the best ways of showing that someone is well trained, that they have the muscle memory to do it without thinking and the physiological calm for that kind of fine-motor-control.  Granted, we can’t all be Travis Tomasie:

and chances are even Travis Tomasie isn’t quite like that Travis Tomasie when in a life-and-death situation (I love John Steakley’s Armor in part for the way it highlights the difference between combat survival and competitive athletics, without belittling either one).  Then again, when you practice something obsessively every day, maybe it doesn’t matter how nervous or scared you are.

SO… movie-wise, what are you guys looking forward to?  Best (p)review I’ve head so far for an upcoming title was I believe aintitcool dubbing The Expendables a “mangasm”… which really, when you look at the cast, about sums it up.  One just hopes that doing previously unexpected star mashups like this isn’t just the next resting home of has-beens as they ungracefully exit their careers, ala bad lounge acts at Vegas for aging B-grade celebrities.  I admit I’m worried about that a bit, having seen the Forbidden Kingdom, but hey, maybe there’s room for pleasant surprises in this year’s box office.  Kick-Ass looks fun too, and shows the extreme stylized version of speed reloads in one of the trailers, ala the hallways scene in Equilibriums showy gun-fu; again, using reloads as a chance to tell us something about the character and the genre of the story they’re living, whether in a realistic or fantasy sort of way.


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