Not sure if it’s the urban mind-your-own-business mindset, or just that Seattle’s so jaded when it comes to pirates… but you’d be surprised how little reaction you get from drivers, bus passengers, or the general public when driving around downtown in the back of a pickup, atop a fake crow’s nest, in full pirate getup.  I did get at least one “Aarr!” shoutout from a pedestrian.

Had a short commercial shoot Tuesday with Marty Martin, who was one of the first video directors I worked for and whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with occasionally since then.  DP was Zia Mohajerjasbi, as it’s been on several of Marty’s shoots;  Zia was one of the Stranger Genius awards winners this last year.  As with JourneyQuest, we were shooting on one of the new Canon digital SLRs.

Viral video stuff, so not sure where it’ll eventually end up being seen, but I’m sure it’ll be online somewhere if nothing else.  A bit of driving around like that, some greenscreen shots, and then a stunt shot of me getting knocked off the top of a car.

Setting up the lights and fan for the chromakey shot

Wide shot and pavement, so I’m glad the costume let me wear padding under it.  Made it through about a half dozen takes of the fall before the bucket broke, but I think they got what they needed, and I walked away unscathed.  Should be a good little comic bit to have on the reel if nothing else.

They shot another one yesterday involving a group of the Seattle Knights, who I referred the gig to since I don’t have the full “knight in shining armor” getup they were looking for, and had limited time I could take off work anyway.  Just as well; would have been a long shoot of lying around while your armor gets rained on.

Was interesting to hear (from one of the crewmembers) that Dameon (the head and founder of the Seattle Knights)  considers me a competitor.  I would have thought our niches were different enough, with just occasional overlap (fight choreography for JourneyQuest was offered to me first, but I had to turn it down since I’m not going to be around for multiple seasons).  I think we’re each reasonably well established within our own different circles, although he more than I, as he does this full time and has a large crew behind him, whereas for me it’s a second job.  I’ve quite happily made use of my friendship with a couple of the knights on my gigs over the years, and will greatly miss John Moore (a Knight who I worked with regularly and was friends with), and I’ve become at least conversationally (and Facebook) friends with a larger number of them following John’s memorial and JourneyQuest. There’s definitely some areas of overlap, perhaps some healthy competition, and I feel at least some mutual respect.  Competition or not, this town’s too small for safe bridge-burning, so I hope we can all continue to play nice.  Frankly there’s just so much going on in Seattle (most of it not paying or barely paying, granted) and so many people participating (I can’t count the fight directors and would-be stunt/fight choreographers I know locally without running out of fingers and toes), territorial bickering would just get way too ugly way too fast.  Maybe I’m being overly optimistic about our community, or about the ability of directors and producers to navigate the seas of us self-proclaimed stunt/combat experts… but in that sense, we’re no different than actors, grips, or any other type of free agent contractors.  Do good work, be a nice guy to work with, help out your peers when you can, and hope it all pays off in the end.

And of course, my sign-off for when I started this blog:

Have fun, look good, play safe!


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