It’s been a long time coming, and long-time readers of this blog will be familiar with the d3O material… the line of stunt padding integrating this stuff is now finally out, thanks to a couple stunt guys I met at the 03 “Fights for Film” Paddy Crean.

Xion stuntpadding

Great stuff, although I don’t think it’s yet found its full potential.  Demoing with SWAT gear- with getup like that you can often get away with rigid pads which will work just as well.  Where the d3O stuff can shine is in making padding that is more concealable and allows more of a range of motion- both important qualities for stuntmen… and especially stunt women, who often have wardrobe limitations that make it even harder to hide padding.

Granted the price of this is going to limit it to only successful professional stuntmen for now, but it may come down over time.  I was lucky on that last gig I had to be able to hide under my poofy shirt, leather doublet vest, boots and pants a set of motorcross torso pads, hockey shorts with hip pads, shin pads, etc.  Granted, you still need to know how to take a fall at least to some degree, to avoid things like broken wrists, cracked heads, etc, but it sure is nice to have the option of padding up.  Comparing it to the fall I took two days later when the ladder I was on while fixing up my house slipped and fell from under me- I’ll take the repeated but pre-planned stunt fall with padding any day.



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    Hi Kevin.
    Nice you wrote something about the pads. I have to agree, demoing our products with SWAT gear…. the thing was, we were working on SWAT-police-military products between 2007 and 2009. We’ve invested loads in this area ending up screwed by the “BIG” companies running of woth our ideas. We ended up being able to use the demo we had made for this market. So you’re right. It should have been in a demo with normal wordrobe 🙂
    It will come eventually, just keep in mind, we are 2 stuntguys from holland, making products just for the stuntmarket without huge benefits. We just believe in the padding, and offering others to experience this covert range.
    Anyways, hope to see you in Banff end of this year! 😉

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      I hope so too! Sorry to hear about the problems with marketing tactical gear.

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