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You get to see a little bit of behind-the-scenes on-set fight footage from Kick Ass here, and it’s a nice little resource anyway:  MAKING OF

It’s always interesting to me to see the differences between edited and BTS footage.  Different angles so you can see the cheats, no foley so you can tell what’s contact and what’s not, what’s rubber or aluminum or steel, what’s wirework or a stunt double… and of course without that movie look.

I found this tutorial a fascinating peek in to what creates visual pallets and our modern movie feel in imagery.  Haven’t played with that myself yet, but I think the color wheels are at least to some degree available in Sony Vegas… Cool food for thought for those of us who haven’t thought much about that particular area of film production before.

I apparently just won a contest on the mirrormirror blog (run by a family friend of ours) for a cool LED lamp that can do lots of different colors.  Is it bad that my first thought was in using this for video production?

Been shooting some more interviews for Antioch (my day job employer) recently as well.  I’m not handling any of the post-production for that, just shooting it and handing over the tapes.  Hope to see some of those online before I skip town, but it’s helped me test and refine my video rig as well.  Might have to post the updated version of that when I get the time… which might not happen any time soon.

In other news of things I would love to have time for… I bought some aluminum blade blanks from Albion Armorers recently- they’ve been selling some backstock of supplies lately, and the nice thing about the aluminum blades is I don’t have to wonder if they’re tempered or not.  They’re a bit more fantasy than historical- one is I think based on the Conan Mother’s Sword (follow link for cool stunt version that’s on auction), so I’m thinking about designs and channeling my inner Jody Samson.  Hopefully I’ll actually be able to make it before I lose access to a shop, and it won’t look too completely cheesy.


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