Zombie training

Since I didn’t have  time back in February to actually celebrate a birthday, my wife and some friends got together and threw me a little party this weekend.  Included a trip to the range, which I only get to do about

Grr, argh! Communal zombie target number one

once a year.  A bit more complicated than normal, since I’ve had to rely on friends to babysit firearms while the house is on the market, and my cleaning kit was in storage, etc.  Good to see it all comes back quickly though, and while I’d been thinking about selling it before I move, it was also a good reminder of how much I like my Steyr.  Options there included a scoped (but not sighted in) .22, a Steyr M40, and rental Glock 19, Ruger P-series (90?), and a Smith & Wesson 1911 (the last three all in 9mm).  Steyr’s still my favorite.

While there’s video footage out there, it remains to be seen if the sound comes across; zombie target starting at the back, approaching on the automated track while the person holding the switch for me makes groaning noises.  Granted, it wouldn’t be a complete zombie simulator until the range decides to permit rapid fire, baseball bats, and reactive targets, but hey, nobody’s perfect.  Hoping to get to play with an AR this coming weekend, but we’ll see; plan is to head somewhere with land, horses, a forge, wildlife, bullwhips, family, and more, so there’s always something that gets left out!

And lest the sword fans feel slighted, here’s a nice little behind-the-scenes of William Hobbs on Monte Cristo:


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