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I started trying to post this to the Facebook fan page, but of course ran in to the limits of today’s technologically enforced short attention spans, or perhaps my own wordiness.  Still- for some that’s the easiest way to keep in touch, so if that’s you, by all means please add it to your list.  Longer posts like this I’ll just put in as a link.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions these days:

  • Yes, I am moving.
  • Yes, I am keeping the business going in at least some manifestation.
  • Yes, I am open to offers on selling some stuff off first, but only if it’s a fair price.  Don’t come looking for fire-sale deals.

My hope is to be able to tap into some of the local market in Richmond while still maintaining some props rental business in Seattle and elsewhere.  Even if I can just make enough to cover my business expenses during the next couple years of grad school and then job hunting, my hope is to then be able to take the business with me for whatever the next, more permanent move turns out to be.  If I start getting desperate for money by the end of my grad school time, I may start selling off some more props, but again, starting with what’s easiest to replace.

The period from late May through probably early July of 2010 is going to be a bit of a mess for me, with likely two moves (once in to a short-term rental in Seattle, then to Richmond, VA), things going in and out of storage units, moving trucks, etc.  If there’s anything you want to rent during that period it’s best if we can work that out far in advance, and I may need you to ship things to me in VA when you’re done.

Last-minute rentals are already harder to accommodate than they once were, due to limited access to the storage unit.  Hopefully once we’re all moved, I can set up a better and more organized system for storage in VA.  In the meantime, just make sure you give me a few days minimum notice, and we’re still open for business!


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