Once & Future

There has been official if sparse notice that the Paddy Crean 2010/2011 workshop is a go in Banff, CA.  Not sure yet if I’ll be able to participate again this year, but I hope so; The IOSP folks have been a sort of second family for

me since I started going to their workshops over a decade ago, and I can’t say enough good things about both the workshops and the Banff Centre.  Definitely something to start considering as you look at your schedule and budget for the next year.

The Maestro

Within the US, the deadline for SAFD discounted registration for Tiltin in the Tetons is about to expire.  Never done that one, but I’ve enjoyed working with MJ before, and wish I could have the opportunity to take the SAFD firearms course that’s offered there.

Looking backwards now, the videos are up from Marty’s recent McAfee spots discussed here earlier, including the Pirate GPS sketch I was featured in, and the Knights scene featuring many of the dead bodies and gear of the Seattle Knights.

All are also available in full 1080 HD.


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