3D- Different ballgame?

Caught part of this on the radio yesterday, about the new wave of live-action filmmakers who are having to learn how to deal with the exploding demand for 3D live action films.

3D Boot Camp: A New Dimension for Live-Action Film

For the filmmakers this is a new challenge in how they compose the visuals, and in how they balance the recent trend towards more hand-held intimate shots with the use of a camera rig too heavy to be carried.  I imagine the latter will be resolved in the next few years as the technology (given the recent influx of money) gets more smaller and more portable, even if that means having a large, unmanageable piece of equipment that is recording input from lighter, more parts for the cinematographer.  For that matter, Christopher Nolan’s crew overcame some of those same challenges filming Dark Knight in IMAX, where they set up a steadicam rig for the large IMAX camera.

More directly of interest to stunt combatants though, is what this will do to how action is shot.  Action films are exactly the kind of thing that people are now wanting to shoot in 3D, but the most basic elements of film fighting as it’s been taught and done to date (at least outside of Hong Kong) counts on our vision not being able to see exact depth of field.  We preserve safety on big roundhouse kicks, haymaker punches, sword swings, baseball bat hits, etc by keeping a foot or more of space between weapon and target, and when you line it up and time it just right for the camera, nobody in the audience can tell.  Will that change when shot in 3D?  Will we have to start doing more contact hits?  If so, that also means more injuries, and also probably also a likely reversal of the trend towards stars trying to do some of their own stunts.

So what do you think?  Do we need to be training our stuntmen differently to face the challenges of tomorrow’s 3D features?  How do we preserve as much safety as possible if we lose the freedom to keep that space?

Not your father's 3D Movies

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    I think we should all practice more contact fight choreography anyway.. and stars not wanting to do their own stunts will be good for the stuntmen who want to act..

    But VERY good article! Those are some valid points :]

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