Nikon enters the DSLR/HD Video market

As someone who’s DSLR is aging, who loves DOF control and has gone to great lengths to accomplish that in a limited fashion with his HDV camcorder, and who is on a budget, this was very interesting to me. The vast majority of projects I’ve worked on this past year were shot on the Canon DSLRs, which can produce great low-budget but cinematic video. Granted, you still need some workarounds to get the ergonomics, sound, stability, etc worked out, but it’s a big step up from the DOF adapter I have running on my HV20 (which costs me a stop or two of light, adds bulk, still requires additional workarounds to use – monitor, flip rig, focus pull, etc).

Now Nikon has added the video feature to it’s entry-level DSLR, at about half the price of Cannon’s EOS 7D.



Now I like Canon- I’ve got their Digital Rebel XT and their HV20 Camcorder, and for what they are and when I got them, I’ve been happy with both.  But Nikon makes good glass, and with that kind of savings lenses could be replaced.

Granted, as mentioned in the last post, this is not a time I can be affording much in the way of new toys (just bought a laptop for school, have no income, have crappy school-plan health insurance for the family that doesn’t cover most of their routine expenses, have out-of-state tuition rates, etc).  Still… this is something I’ll be keeping an eye on, definitely!

Indie filmmakers take note- and then pass those notes on to me!


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