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As a part of the Pedagogy program, I’ve been looking over my CV (Curriculum Vitae- for those not in academia, think of it as a resume written by someone getting paid by the word… professional life story, basically).

Doing a bit of the “oh yeah, wonder what ever happened with that project?” game, and have updated a little the playlist on YouTube of projects I’ve worked on.

-not that I expect anyone to ever watch this playlist through.  It’s a sort of video version of my CV, as far as video and film work is concerned.  Hoping to hook up with local stuntman Kid Richmond some time soon to talk shop, and see about getting involved in some of the local film scene.  Need to swing by the video/film department at VCU as well sometime and see if there’s any fruitful connections to be had there either.

Add to that the need to organize the props, make up new business cards, get the website updated since we’re back in business now, and million other little errands.  Lots to be done.  One of my fellow movement pedagogy students is in his second year now, and will be doing his thesis on the business side of life in the theatre, and I’m hoping to pick his brain some about that- or even volunteer to be a guinea pig.

Dead Man’s Cellphone opens in a week, and tickets are now available online if anyone in the area is interested.  Just returned a prop gun to them (One of the professor’s, not one of mine) after grinding off the firing pin for them (upon request).  I believe the current plan is for them to use one of the new front venting revolvers as it’s double in a later part, but I’m not sure how set they are on that yet.  I’ll be curious to take a look at it anyway- very seriously considering buying some of those new front venting models for video work…


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