The Journey is Quested.

Episodes 1 and 2 of JourneyQuest are now live:

I won’t personally make my brief appearance until the next episode, most likely.  Good to see it coming together though, and the dedication to our late friend John Moore is nice.  You can see some of his (rush job) handiwork on the “atrocity knives” straight from the get-go.  Incidentally, those things were awesome for mumbley-peg or opening bottles…

Question for the viewers: Dead Gentlemen (and now Zombie Orpheus et al)  are great at comedic banter, and have (especially with JourneyQuest I think, from having read the first season or two’s scripts) gotten great at building interesting plot turns and character elements.  What they tend to gloss over though (from my previous work with them, and the first two episodes of JourneyQuest– haven’t seen the rest yet) is combat.  I hope they don’t take offense at this; they’ve told me straight out in the past that it isn’t about the fights, it’s about the comedy and the plot.

My own thought is that for many potential audience members, if you’re going to do fantasy you need fights.  It’s knights in shining armor… doing something besides talk.  It’s Swords and Sorcery (applied!), it’s swashbuckling, or it’s slaying dragons, or otherwise an adventure genre.  People don’t expect to watch something with elves, orcs, etc and have it be a drama with limited fighting.  Granted, if the fighting isn’t any good that can be a blessing, and as their comedic writing can be good, it’s good to capitalize on your strengths.  But still; fights can still be funny, and nothing beats the production value of a good action scene.  Fights can -and should- also progress the story, the plot, the character exposition, etc; it shouldn’t be added in just for the sake of having fights.  I know I’m biased in this, and DG have developed a strong following as is… but having worked with them previously and felt like fights were… not prioritized… I can’t help but wonder if they’d get more of an audience if they got a bit more comfortable with artistic violence as a storytelling tool (I know at least several of the individuals in charge have no fondness for weaponry or violence personally, which as a personal trait for a human I can respect, but which doesn’t always further the profession).

What do you think; would you have opened this with a fight, or at least implications that there would be some in the series (Glorion surveying the aftermath in an orc village, perhaps?).  Alternately, am I completely off base, and this lets us get through the exposition faster to learn who the characters are?

Oh, and there is more action coming up… which I’m looking forward to seeing!


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    I would absolutely agree, but then I’m similarly biased (if that’s what we are). But yeah, as far as it being a very witty and fun pseudo-D&D adventure, we definitely need some dragon slaying and thief-punching and orc-on-warrior action.

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