Front Venting Blank Guns

Finally got to check out the new front venting blank guns mentioned in an earlier post. Got one of my own today (the 925 machine pistol) with a revolver on backorder.

First hands-on and test fire was actually thanks to Dr. Anderson at VCU; he’d placed an order ostensibly for Dead Man’s Cellphone (which opens this week!), but that was really just an excuse for new toys (and doesn’t explain the machine pistol at all). Good thing, since they struck the live fire from the scene, due to lighting concerns (incomplete blackout in which to switch). I got lucky and happened across Aaron as he was walking in to the building with the newly arrived box, and I was packing up the swords from a Liaisons rehearsal.

It gave us an excuse to try them our though. The revolver seemed pretty much identical to the Eckols revolvers I already have, except for front venting. The 925 does indeed seem to be the regular frame semi-auto looking select fire model with a plastic frame over it, as was done with the Eckols Asi/Jackal top venting select models, but the frame job is much better dome on this one I think, so I don’t begrudge them the cost difference as much. Chambers much like a M4, and then the frame itself doesn’t move during firing. Ejection port has a cover like an M4, but folded in the middle to cover side and top. Comes with two barrel ends.  What looks like it could be a standard tactical rail isn’t; they’re primarily decorative I’m sure, but if they chose to come out with some sort of proprietary rail accessories or adapter, they could… or you could use that in securing a larger frame around this to mock it up as something else.

As with anything front venting, you don’t want to aim it at anything you don’t want to hurt- blows holes in the box at close range, and sends packing peanuts flying from four or five feet (completely unscientific testing, but fun target practice). I wouldn’t suggest or rent these for most theatrical productions, as they typically lack the supervision and training of an on-set gun wrangler.

Several models are currently backordered, but they should be getting more in soon. According to the website I think the 925 might be able to use the same magazines as the Asi/Jackal, which would be nice for those of us with existing armouries.
Haven’t tested that yet, though.

Back to back fight rehearsals tonight; probably my last for Dead Man’s Cellphone, and our first with the actors for Liaisons.  No rest for the wicked.  Neither of these is anything I’m getting credit or pay for, but it’s all a part of the grad school package, and has been a good introduction to some of the other faculty and students on campus.


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