Time: Gives a Lickin’ and Keeps on Tickin’…

Updates, updates… and and a bit of thought processing.

Dead Man’s Cellphone had its first weekend, and has one left.

Caught the Freshman Discovery Project tonight at VCU.

It’s a night of scenes, and as you’d predict for a required Freshman event, was a bit of a grab-bag.  A few real standouts, though.  Biggest personal revelation for me was just… that I’m old.  One group did a scene from Three Sisters, which I was in my Freshman year at Earlham College.  It was a big deal for me- my first large role (I did many musicals and a few plays in High School, but was always the last choice, ending up playing six or seven extras in each production), my first role in college, my first positive mention in a review, and I met my first post-grade school girlfriend in that production.  I played as 60s, but was all of 18, newly out of the home and eager to reinvent myself- without any actual direction or drive, mind you, but definitely FORWARD!

A young but aged Inouye as Chebutykin, with A. Zayas as Irina

And these kids up on stage tonight were probably two years old then.

I’m really in that transition point now, where I’m going from being the younger generation to becoming one of the older ones.  I’ve got a kid in an Elementary School.  My last grandparent passed away last month.  I’m going to be teaching students who weren’t born when I was in college.  It’s real.

Granted, I’m still in the middle- the Director of Dead Man’s Cellphone is a long-time equity actor, and was in things like the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. I remember watching those in high school, and he was already playing someone’s dad, but here he is, still going strong at VCU and me showing my eldest child some of the first season of Young Indie on DVD.  They say young people are impatient (and yes, as a parent I can vouch for that) but me, I just feel the sheer mass of all I hope I can get done and the shrinking time to do it in before it’s my own kids contemplating the college play, and me… well, hopefully still going strong, and teaching, I guess.

On a less sobering note (no really- makes a good drinking game I’m sure) Journey Quest Episode #3 is up:

Still not sure exactly which episode I’ll turn up in, but soon, anyway.  Amongst those enthusiastically discovering JourneyQuest now is Fran Kranz, who’s tweeted about it going so far as to express his desire to be in the second season, if they can get funded for it.  We know him from his role in Dollhouse, a Joss Whedon project.  That newly added three-degrees-of-separation for me could actually score me serious cool points with my wife again, speaking of things that probably haven’t happened since today’s Freshman Class was two.*  Fran’s worked with Joss on another recent project which isn’t getting seen due to the MGM problems… Poor Joss has had the worst luck with studios.  Maybe he and Terry Gilliam should work together- it’d be sorta like that joke about making anti-gravity by strapping toast butter-side-up to the back of a cat and dropping it.

We’ve started rehearsing the fight for Liaisons with the actors now.  Two very different body languages being spoken by the two actors, which makes coaching an interesting challenge.  Should be good though, and it’s really nice to get to play with smallsword in context; that’s one I rarely see outside of SAFD Skills Proficiency Tests or Renewals.

If anyone’s looking to spend a week this winter really broadening and deepening their knowledge and skills in stage combat, historical martial arts, etc don’t forget that there’s a Paddy Crean workshop coming up.  These don’t happen every year, and are a real treat.  I’m happy to talk more about them, publicly or privately, having attended every one at Banff (and one in Edinburgh) since I started taking stage combat classes with one of the founders Brad Waller back in 1998.  They are also tracking now who hears where, so if you do sign up (and if it’s true, of course) tell ’em I sent you, and I’ll see you there!

*Not true; she loved that I got to do a book trailer for Neal Stevenson, who she also geeks over.


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