Paddy and Liaisons

That title could mean different things to different people, given the plethora of young, attractive, talented, and invigorated people who tend to gravitate to the Banff Centre when I’ve been there, but really, it’s two separate topics.


No really.


The registration deadline is fast approaching for the Paddy Crean Art of the Sword workshop in Banff, Canada.  I imagine late registration will be an option for some… but only if we have enough people registered prior to the deadline for the Banff Centre to go forward with it.  Come spend the New Year’s holiday with an amazing crew of movement professionals, martial artists, actors, choreographers, and an amazing support staff from all over the world.  Chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve heard me gush about the Paddy Crean workshops before, but I’m always happy to answer questions.

More information HERE and HERE.


They are tracking who comes from where, so if you do register and you’re not otherwise affiliated, please give them my name- it improves the odds I’ll get to keep coming back as staff (and hopefully someday teacher).

Getting in to the thick of rehearsals for Liaisons now.  VCU’s doing two shows in a row with smallsword fights in them, which is unheard of in my book.  Wishing I had gotten a copy of Jared’s print of the Angelo fencing guide while it was still in print!  In addition to being fight captain, I’m partner/dummy for the dance choreographer/instructor, as they’re doing some of that during transitions.  Did some of both tonight, and it’s nice to see how directly they correlate in movement style.  It came to me tonight while doing the alamonde; hold your woman like an epee and your epee like a woman.  I’m sure someone from that period of French history either said that or would have agreed.  I know I was quoted something only slightly comparable by an Italian fencing maestro at the ’00 Paddy Crean workshop in Edinburgh; “Hold your rapier like eet was a leetle berrrrd.  Too tieght, and you keel her.  Too loose, and the leetle beech, she flies away!”

Maybe now the next time I get a chance to choose classes at a workshop, I’ll have more motivation to work with Cecil Longino (Seattle’s Academia della Spada), or the Martinezes, or Jared… been too long since I did much with classical fencing.


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