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Had  lovely morning teaching a little mini-fencing lesson (1700s French style) to the relevant actors (primary and understudies) in Liaisons.  Wish I had more time to do things like that, but I guess that’s what getting an MFA is for: to get to teach as my career.  Not specifically fencing, of course, but I do hope to be able to continue my little sub-specialty… it’s been great to be able to go back and forth between period dance and period fencing.  Wish I hadn’t sold some of my fencing gear before moving.  Sounds like Jared Kirby has a copy of an older printing of Angelo (School of Fencing) he’s willing to sell me, as his own printing (with annotation by Maestro Jeanette Martinez) is sold out.  Still, I think today’s lesson was appreciated by all, if brief.  The fight choreographer (and chair of the department, and my advisor) David Leong will be coaching the fights for the first time Monday evening, so we’ll see how we’re doing soon enough.

Liaisons poster

I should be able to get up to DC next Thursday to see the Invited Dress Rehearsal for OKLAHOMA at Arena Stage. It’ll be one of their first run-throughs, with a couple weeks of rehearsal left still, but it’ll be exciting to see what they’re doing, and just to see the new space.  David Leong did the fights, and I assisted with the pre-production choreography workshop here at VCU just prior to the start of Fall semester.  Time’s been flying by- time to start thinking about final papers, what to do next Semester, and how to make sure I can get everything possible out of this program in the short couple years I’ll be here- assuming all goes well, of course!

Still getting more rental inquiries from the Pacific Northwest than I am from the Richmond area.  Need to figure out what the local networks are and how to plug in to them.  Suggestions welcome!


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