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Someone I know (online only) was making me an offer on a couple of these PFI Smokecap suppressors. I bought one a few years back, when they were newly released, figuring they’d be the perfect compliment to a gas blowback gun in those assassin scenes I kept getting rental inquiries about. Just that little bit of extra realism, or one less thing to add digitally in post.

That said, since then I’d never gotten the thing out and actually played with it. So I figured it was time:

Shot and edited on my iPhone, with crappy lighting, etc.

So… not the best effect in the world, but for a bit of powder and nothing to jam, it’s not bad either. Might get a bit more effect if I were actually shooting BBs, which might or might not be an option on set. With a clamp on adapter (which I think I have somewhere) I could use this on pretty much any barrel, not just handguns. So am I going to get more?

Not sure. Probably not, since I haven’t actually rented this one out yet in the couple years I’ve had it. Still, with them out of stock now at RedWolf, it’s a bit tempting to have enough to equip a small team instead of just a lone gunman. Always tempting to have more toys… Anyone want to rent one? Or buy one off me for that matter- I’m getting a pretty good offer on these.

For that matter, anyone want to rent props at all in Richmond?  Man, I miss my Seattle connections… took time to build those up, and that was without having full time grad school and three kids.


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  1. Posted October 18, 2010 at 4:51 pm | Permalink

    Hi Kevin-

    Agreed, not bad. What are these going for?



    (and welcome to the Mid-Atlantic!)

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