Old and New

First, the new:  Maxsell continues to expand their offerings in front-venting blank guns for prop use.  Not at all surprising, once they’ve established a process with the BATF- now many of the Eckols & Voltran models previously seen in top venting are now available in front venting, as are a few more oddities I haven’t seen before.

8mm blank revolver... why?

And the old: I hadn’t heard of Henricus Historical Park until spotting an online ad on Facebook, but it’s near us, and I might have to check it out sometime.

Good to see them putting DeGheyn to good use.  I wonder if they do any training with the swords as well…

Les Liaisons Dangerous opens soon.  Despite being just a coach on this (as opposed to the fight director or choreographer), I think I’ve probably put in more hours on that one duel than I have on 99% of my previous theatrical gigs.  I’m looking forward to seeing how it all turns out; they move in to the set soon, and it’s got a pretty small raised platform for the majority of the action.  Small space for fighting and dancing, so between that and the costumes, wigs, etc there’s a lot to adjust to this next week.

Planning to attend an indie film group meetup tomorrow night where folks are screening some of their work.  Need to get tied in a bit more with the indie film community here, as in Seattle that ended up being the majority of my business, both for props rental and for coordination or wrangling.  Not sure how much time folks will have, but I’ll probably screen FmF, the episode I did for The Hunted, and probably at least trailers from CA$H and maybe Graceling for a bit of the medieval stuff.

Should probably go over my contracts again just to see if there’s anything I can tighten up.  An acquaintance of mine who runs a prop weapons rental business in D.C. has been dealing with fallout of an accident that happened with one of his blades recently.  As near I can tell from hearing third-hand reports, an actor did something stupid (as is usually the case), but the blame is going somewhere else- in this case, news is focusing on the swords being too sharp; a claim I’m highly skeptical of.   I just hope there isn’t any direct legal fallout for any innocent parties, and wish everyone concerned (including the actor) a graceful return to normal life (with perhaps some lessons learned).

Finally a reminder: The registration deadline for the Paddy Crean workshop is in just two days!  Don’t miss this if you have any way to attend.  If you’re coming from somewhere other than Canada, make sure you have your passport in order as well, as that can take a while to get.


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