Rest Stops on the Journey

JourneyQuest is now on what is hopefully just a hiatus between Season 1 and Season 2, waiting to see if they can get enough funding to continue.  The target is $100K.  They’ve gotten some good buzz, including on BoingBoing this morning, but being dependent on voluntary contributions is not an easy path to tread.  From the early versions I saw of the script (in which originally season one was going to be much longer than 7 episodes) it’s going to go in some really interesting places, character-wise, so I do hope they get to keep it up.  My daughter watched them again this morning, and had to come check on me in the shower to make sure I wasn’t really dead (just the green-skinned fake nose daddy).

Liaisons opens this weekend. Tonight will be their first chance performing the fights on the actual stage (a raised, tiled affair that makes things challenging by virtue of size, surface, and shape), with wigs, costumes, lights, etc.  Should make for an exciting fight call in an hour and a half.  They had to push back a number of things, including opening night (now Saturday), due to fallout from a duct system fire they had in that building a couple weeks ago.  There was smoke damage in the theatre and costume shop, and replacement duct work that had to be done.

I put in my application to assist at the VA Beach Bash, a regional SAFD stage combat workshop in the Spring.  Might get to do a little teaching there, which would be great (and unusual for a non SAFD Certified Teacher).  Looking forward to assisting and teaching at the Paddy Crean workshop over the holidays as well.  They seem to be doing much more organization early (i.e. before we all show up) this time, which bodes well for a smooth and successful workshop.

Dealing with a justifiably unhappy customer over some problems with a blank gun/blanks… I believe I got a bad batch or brand of blanks in one of my orders a little while back- the “Thunder” 9mmPAK in the square boxes, if anyone else has them.  Don’t seem to have enough punch to cycle semi-autos properly.  Be warned.  For my part, I’m going to start getting clients to just buy their own blanks, to make sure they always have a fresh batch and that I don’t have to deal with storing or shipping them.  Never really made money off those anyway, just did it as a convenience thing.  I’ll still keep some on hand for local, last-minute gigs should those come up, but in general they’re more of a pain than they’re worth for me.

Coming up on registration for next Semester, final papers, and the rest of that end-of-Semester mode.  Back to the fray!


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