Gets dark earlier these days…

Just got back from catching Dark Play, or Stories for Boys at VCU. It’s a Nedwick Theatre show, a student production (as opposed to the mainstage shows as were Dead Man’s Cellphone and Les Liaisons, which I discussed here earlier). Damn fine production, and perfectly suited to the venue- small cast, minimalist, modern, college age protagonists, and too edgy for mainstage – where it also wouldn’t give the set design and costume students much to do.

Shows tomorrow as well, and is free, in case anyone here was considering it.

Still need to find a good way to get some decent acting under my belt next semester/year. Worried I may have missed most of the Spring and Summer auditions, as I was for a while there planning to head out of town and do a professional acting intensive elsewhere for a while… that plan’s changed again (for now at least), in part so I can teach, work, and act here in Richmond. That’s the plan, anyway… boy do I miss how connected I felt in Seattle. Still trying to figure out just how to find out what’s going on, let alone get in on it in time.

That said, classes are wrapping up and have gone well. My tragedy instructor and class were appreciative of the work I did experimenting with a modern transposition of Oedipus as a part of an experiment to see what elements can carry forward and what just doesn’t work. Asian Theatre just has a couple other people’s brief presentations and then a final show, which we’re all frantically trying to put something together for (I met with folks today to work on a Chinese Opera routine, and may need to try to learn a Haka as well). Still have a couple big in-class presentations to prepare and do for the Extreme Acting movement class, and one of the classes I TA wrapped up last Monday… but in a week I think all will be finished for the Semester.

Finding myself in need of both more sleep and more time doing something physical to keep my body properly in synch. Not sure how to make those both happen- the answer back in my undergrad days would have been to take a physical class for credit, as I did at least sometimes for the Taijutsu practices I attended anyway. I don’t think I can get away with that in grad school.

I’ll leave with an unrelated thought I had while biking home:

Mediocrity can inspire greatness, and greatness can inspire mediocrity: When people see a great show, they may say “I want to do/be that”, and mediocrity often ensues. When they see a mediocre show, they may say “that could have been so much better; I can do better than that”, and they do.


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